Salon services in a setting where your pet feels at home!

Grooming not only keeps your dog looking and smelling great, but also keeps them healthy.  A regular grooming schedule keeps ears clean, nails short, hind areas sanitary, and reduces mats and shedding.  We use Pet Silk® products to keep coats and skin nourished while our Double K® dryers remove dead skin and loose hair aiding in reducing human allergens.  Our convenient on-site professional groomers keep your best friend looking and feeling their best.

Our groomers will take breed specific cuts, size, and coat condition into consideration when determining grooming rates.

Grooming by appointment only

Additional Services Available

*Basic services such as baths, nail trims, and SPAW specials can typically be accommodated same day.

  • Our exclusive SPAW Special ..... $39
    • Bath, brush, blow-dry, nail trim, ears cleaned, and anal glands expressed
  • Bathing 25lbs or less ..... $19
  • Bathing 26lbs or more ..... $22
  • Nail trim – all 4 paws ..... $10
  • Dremel nail trim – all 4 paws ..... $12
  • Massage or Brushing – 15 minutes ..... $7